VIDEO: Pushim’s “Feel It”

Japanese singer Pushim is back with a new single at the end of the year that is a preview of what’s to come on her forthcoming album due out on January 20th called 『F』. Pushim gets into a very nice soulful disco vibe in “Feel It”. I’ve been a fan of hers for about 15 years so I look forward to what she’ll be offering with her next effort.

REVIEW: Foreign Exchange’s “Tales From The Land Of Milk And Honey”

Foreign Exchange photo FE2015_cover_zpsy59h240c.jpg If Foreign Exchange keeps on making music like this, they may become one of the biggest and influential groups of the 10’s. If you don’t think so, you haven’t heard Tales From The Land Of Milk And Honey (Foreign Exchange Music). If you’ve heard what these guys are capable of doing, you are going to love what they do here. The group remains within the core of Phonte Coleman and Nicolay but they are open to bringing in musical and vocal guests, some of the singers involved in this include Shana Tucker, Tamisha Waden, Carlitta Durand, and Carmen Rodgers. It sounds like a family, it sounds like a group, it sounds like a mission. It sounds like an organization that has traveled around the world to bring their music and good vibes to everyone willing to listen, leading to everyone celebrate and that’s what these songs are: a celebration.

Upon beginning the album with “Milk And Honey”, you immediately get a sense they not only want you to come to their show, but they are willing to become part of your adventures, whatever and wherever it is. The Brazilian feel of the song mixed with more modern dance substances reminds me of Bossa Rio meets Jazzanova. “Disappear” may remind a few listeners of British soul music but some may also hear a slight Afrobeat rhythm to it, as if Fela Kuti decided to intermingle with outsiders for a few hours and wanted to just let the music groove up on itself. The ballads definitely do not take a toll and they nicely blend easily with the album that has its share of groovers and uptempo dance tracks too. “Work It To The Top” takes things to the late 70’s/early 80’s, as if Off The Wall or Luther Vandross’ first debut solo album was still on the radio and completely changed the world. The drum machine mechanics of “Truce” immediately sets a feeling, perhaps one of romance, maybe one of seduction, but very much one of intense listening through what everyone is doing and creating within the tune.

To be honest, this… I made a reference to “outsiders” when I mentioned Fela Kuti earlier in the review and the music of the Foreign Exchange is special made for outsiders, made by musicians and singers who want to open it to everyone by bringing you inside, no exclusivity. When I say outsiders, I mean that this is an album that would be very fitting for a lot of people in the United States but they may be turned off by something they’re not feeling as “their vibe”. Take this to Europe, take this to South American, take this to Japan and people will get it. It’s more than just the singing and the poetic licenses made by the lyrics, it’s very much a feeling that a lot of musicians either forgot or choose to ignore. Nicolay and Phonte make it a part of their plan and by creating song after song, they’re letting people know that there are stories to be told, and entering Tales From The Land Of Milk And Honey is exploring a few new chapters of their library. There is a beginning, middle, and once again and open ending, another “to be continued” as the album comes to a close, insuring fans will come back wanting much more, whatever it may be.

FREE DL: AM & Shawn Lee’s “Again And Again (I’CED Remix)”

Did you like the new album by AM & Shawn Lee Outlines? DID YOU, I SAID? Well good, for now there’s a new mix or I should say, a new remix for the song “Again And Again”. This one is done by I’CED and you can have a listen to his perspective

AM & Shawn Lee have some shows coming up, including one later this week in Seattle so head there and get into the groove like Madonna:
October 15… Seattle, WA (Crocodile)
October 20… San Francisco, CA (Rickshaw)
October 22… Los Angeles, CA (Mrs. Fish)
October 27… Chicago, IL (Schubas)
October 28… Brooklyn, NY (Knitting Factory)

VIDEO: AM & Shawn Lee’s “Nightshine”

Outlines, if you are unaware, is the new album by team AM & Shawn Lee, and they’ve made a video with director Greg Reitman for the song “Nightshine”. You can play this in the morning or afternoon for it to shine in your life.

SOME STUFFS: Toro Y Moi to go on tour this fall

Toro Y Moi photo ToroYMoi_old_zpsjayx56td.jpg
Fear not, Chaz Bundick fans: Toro Y Moi will be doing shows this summer but he is planning ahead. When fall is within kissing range, he will be hitting the road for a tour, so welcome yourself to these dates, for your convenience. Before the tour, he will be taking part in a number of music festivals this summer, including the Osheaga Festival in Montreal and Lollapalooza in Chicago:

July 29… Chicago, IL – Metro (Lollapalooza Aftershow)
August 1… Chicago, IL (Lollapalooza)
August 2… Montreal, QC (Osheaga Festival)
August 7-9… San Francisco, CA (Outside Lands)
September 19… Portland, OR (Revolution Hall) ♞
September 21… Vancouver, BC (Commodore Ballroom) ♞
September 24… Minneapolis, MN (Mill City Nights) ♞
September 25… Madison, WI (Majestic Theatre) ♞
September 26… Des Moines, IA (Wooly’s) ♞
September 27… Grand Rapids, MI (Pyramid Scheme) ♞
September 28… Cleveland, OH (Beachland Ballroom) ♞
September 29… Buffalo, NY (Waiting Room) ♞
September 30… Burlington, VT (Higher Ground) ♞
October 1-2… Brooklyn, NY (Music Hall of Williamsburg) ♞
October 3… Richmond, VA (The National) ♞
October 4… Baltimore, MD (Rams Head) ♞
October 6… Charleston, SC (Music Farm) ♞
October 7… Athens, GA (Georgia Theatre) ♞
October 8… Jacksonville, FL (Free Bird Live) ♞
October 9… Tampa, FL (State Theatre) ♞
October 12… Pensacola, FL (Vinyl Music Hall) ♞
October 13… New Orleans, LA (Republic) ♞
October 14… Birmingham, AL (Saturn) ♞
October 15… Memphis, TN (Minglewood Hall) ♞
October 16… St. Louis, MO (The Ready Room) ♞
October 17… Columbia, MO (The Blue Note) ♞
October 18… Lawrence, KS (Granada Theatre) ♞
October 19… Omaha, NE (Waiting Room) ♞
October 21… Denver, CO (Gothic Theatre) ♞
October 22… Albuquerque, NM (Sunshine Theatre) ♞
October 23… Phoenix, AZ (Crescent Ballroom) ♞
November 6-7… Austin, TX (FUN FUN FUN Fest)

♞ = w/ Astronauts, etc.

AUDIO: Bee Gees’ “Stayin’ Alive (Platurn’s Strip Tease Edit)”

DJ Platurn is back with a new remix for all to hear, and this one goes back to 1977 and disco, or at least one of the best pop songs of the era. If you love “Stayin’ Alive”, you are going to really enjoy what he does with it here. If you want to take it with you, head to Bandcamp as well.

VIDEO: Huon Kind’s “Feel Like This”

Huon Kind photo HuonKind_old_zpsbhmkxyla.jpg
The song sounds as if it was made in 1978, the video is straight out of 1988, but it’s three years away from 2018, isn’t that nuts? What is not nuts? Houn Kind, the Australian duo of Laurence and Knox (no last names in the press release, so I’ll keep it that way). are making something with an adamant amount of pump power to keep people moving, grooving, and eternally soothing, so let it soothe.